If you cancel/move the game less than 7 days in advance, you have to pay up to the full price for the game.

Pay for those who actually play

If you are more/fewer people than ordered, we will adjust the price on place.

Come 15 min before your game starts

Please, be on time. You can get reduced play time if you are late.

Plan for 75 min program

The game takes about 75 min incl. introduction and de-brief. You can stay in the location about 15 min after your game ends or before the next group comes.

Take with you snacks and drinks

You can enjoy them in the reception area during the time allocated to your group - 10-15 min before and after the game, and during waiting time for those playing in several rounds.


We have 4-5 games at each location and can host up to 65 people. We will also arrange team competition if you book several games at the same time.



The Escape Games is a fun concept for people of all ages. Your team (2-8 people) will be locked in a room. In order to get out you need to solve different fun puzzles and tasks. All our games have an exciting story you play through, and include cool effects and surprises.
Up to 32 people can play at the same time in our escape rooms, and 65 people can play in two rounds. We can also arrange event on your location for up to 300 people.
The game itself lasts up to 60 min. Expect 75 min for the whole program including introduction and de-brief.
Unfortunately, not. The game is for 2 or more players.
We offer Norway’s best escape rooms and can guarantee you top quality. You can see parts of the games in social media but we unfortunately cannot arrange tour in the rooms.
Everyone ☺ The games are fun for all kind of people, regardless of age, background and interests. Book The Escape Games for date, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, family fun, team building or corporate party.
No ☺ Our escape games include logical tasks that do not require any prior knowledge, good physical shape or any special abilities.
Our escape rooms are medium and medium+ in the difficulty level. 60-70% of participants succeed with the mission.
We have indicative age restrictions for the games but children of all ages can play together with their parents. Recommendations: 8 y.o. for «AI: Robot Eva», «Wild West Express», «Ice Kingdom» and «Submarine Voyage», 10 y.o. for «Virus Lab», 12 y.o. for «Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster», og 14 y.o. for «Mental hospital» and «House of Evil».
We allow you to take group picture and film yourself briefly. It is not allowed to record tasks or decorations in detail.
All our escape rooms are well made and fun. Just pick the theme you like ☺
Kids of all ages can join, as long as you do not pick a scary game. «Wild West Express», «Submarine Voyage», «Ice Kingdom», «Virus Lab» and «AI: Robot Eva» are best suited for families.
Yes, we have a cool game for such events – The Escape Box.


It is recommended to book several weeks in advance to secure the desired date and time. We take also drop-in over phone ☺ (Call 46365453).
Yes, sure! Book your time slot on this page.
Yes, sure! You can book up to 5 months in advance on the website, and up to one year in advance over mail (
No, unless you book for only two people.
No, you can book for approximate number of players and pay on place for those who show up :) Notice just that you will not be able to change number of games on place, it will be fixed.

Changes in the number of players

Yes, no problem. You pay for those who actually come, and we adjust the price upon arrival.
Not, as long as you keep the same number of rooms / games.

Cancellation / move the booking

You can cancel the booking without cost 7 days in advance or earlier. If you cancel later, you have to pay up to the full price for the booking.
You can move the booking without cost 7 days in advance or earlier. If you move it later, you must pay up to the full price for the booking.


You can pay with card, cash, PayPal or Vipps. Corporate clients can also pay by invoice with 125 kr extra charge. You can pay online when you book or on place when you arrive. Groups of two people are required to pay online when they book.
No, unless you book for only two people.
Only corporate customers can pay with invoice. Extra charge for invoice is 125 kr.
Yes, of course! You will then need to pay extra charge for invoice - 125 kr.
Yes, of course! Extra charge for invoice is 125 kr.


All our escape rooms are in both English and Norwegian.
Yes, one translator per group plays free of charge.


No, put on any cloth you like. The games are not physically demanding.


Kids up to 14 y.o. get 20% discount all days, except for Friday and Saturday. Kids 8-9 y.o. get 50% discount all days. Kids up to 7 y.o. play for free all days. Discounts are valid for groups of three or more.
School groups get 20% discount all days, except for Friday and Saturday. Discount is valid for groups of three or more.
Students get 20% discount all days, except for Friday and Saturday. Discount is valid for groups of three or more. Valid student ID must be presented.

Food and drinks

Yes. You will have 10-15 min before and after the game to enjoy some snacks. If you order several games at the same time at Kirkegata, you will get access to party room in 30 min after the game (Not available at Peder Claussøns). Groups who play in several rounds can use waiting time for eating.
No, unfortunately not. We serve free sweets or nuts.
Yes. You can take along own drinks / alcohol. Drinks can be consumed only in reception.
We serve free coffee and water. Wes ell also soda for 35 kr per can. Drinks are not allowed inside the rooms.


We have lockers where you can put your valuables.


At Kirkegata we have meeting room / party room with screen. If you order several games at the same time at Kirkegata, you will get access to the room in 30 min after the game.

At Peder Claussøns you can use the waiting area if you book two rounds in a row. The waiting area is equipped with screens.
We have refrigerator and microwave oven.


Yes, no problem. Just write in the comment field to the booking that a pregnant woman is with the group, so that we can adjust the rooms for you.
Yes, just say out loud that you need to go out :)

Claustrophobia and safety

No. We have spacious escape rooms. People with claustrophobia have played our games without any issues. We can also let the entrance door be unlocked.
Yes, of course!
Our game masters are watching the games over camera all the time, and have good procedures for handling various critical situations. We take fire security seriously, and follow the highest standards. We have, among other things, emergency exit buttons, fire alarm, emergency light, fire extinguishers, fire hose, multiple exit routes and first aid kit.
It is not likely. The games are fun and entertaining. Some game parts can be scary but not to that degree that you begin to panic. If it still happens, you have an emergency button to get out.

Special needs

We have full accessibility in Kirkegata and partial accessibility in Peder Claussøns gate. If you want to play in Peder Claussøns gate, send us an email to or call 46365453, so that we can plan your visit. We recommend in any case to take along small/narrow wheelchair, if you have it.
Yes, all of our games are adjusted for deaf people. Just remember to warn us about it in your booking, so that we are well-prepared to your visit.
Please, consult your doctor. We can make the game less active/vibrant by removing certain game elements. We have earlier had players with autism and Downs syndrome.
It is fine for all games, except for "Mental hospital", "House of Evil" and “AI: Robot Eva”. If you want to play these games, send us email to, so that we can make adjustments.


We do not have private parking. There is street parking in the area.
There is street parking in the area. As it is many places in Oslo Center, it can be hard to find available parking space. We recommend therefore to avoid taking a car. If you must take a car, find a parking house you can use before arriving.

Gift card

Of course! You can buy online or in our locations.
1 year. It is possible to extend the validity of the gift card in case of unexpected events - just send us an email to
We do not have partnership with these companies. Only gift cards issued by The Escape Games can be used at our locations.