Your team is locked in a room. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries to escape. Can you accomplish the mission in one hour?

Engaging and fun activity for social evening, party and team building! Great game for everyone - no special knowledge or physical strength is required!

Enter different reality

Each room takes you to a new and exciting world.

With your team

Play in teams of 2-48 people, with maximum of 8 people per room.

In one hour

One hour to escape the room.


Find hidden objects and clues.

Solve puzzles

Combine clues and objects to solve puzzles.

And escape the room

Accomplish the mission to open the door to freedom.

Your team is placed in a room with a different reality we have created for you. The goal is to escape the room in one hour.

You work in a team to find hidden objects, explore clues and solve puzzles. Use your logic, creativity, all senses! When you solve the mission of the room, you collect the keys and open the door!

The game is fun, challenging and exciting! It is a perfect choice for parties, family evenings and team building. Come for a unique experience in Oslo!


01Meet up 15 min before the game starts. Please, be on time. You can get reduced play time if you are late.

022-8 people per room. Up to 24 people can play at the same time. Up to 48 people can play in two rounds.

03Age restrictions. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

04Cancellations at least 7 days in advance. If you cancel the game less than 7 days in advance, you have to pay the full price for the game.

05Possible to change the number of players on place. If you are more/fewer people than ordered, we will adjust the price on place.

06Not allowed to use physical strength. If you cause damage in the rooms by using physical strength, you are obliged to cover the reparation costs.

07Avoid excessive alcohol consumption before the game. People under strong alcohol influence might be denied entrance and will not get their tickets refunded.

08Own snacks and drinks are allowed. You can enjoy snacks and drinks only in the reception area during the time allocated to your group. Groups who play in one round get 10-15 min before and after the game, and groups who play in several rounds can use waiting time for eating.

09Limited accessibility for wheelchairs. If you have players in wheelchairs, send us an email, and we will try to find a solution for you.

10Facilities er available only during your time slot. You can come about 15 min before the game start and use facilities about 15 min after the game or until the next group comes.