The Escape Box

Escape game in a box, delivered where you are! We come to your premises with everything needed for the game. You will split into teams of 4-7 people. Each team receives a mysterious box and use the contents of the box to stop a dangerous hacker. The team that solves the mission first, wins! The box is full of intriguing puzzles, surprises and secrets.

En/No10-300 playersFrom 7 y.o.Medium+Thriller

En/No10-300 players
From 7 y.o.


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What is The Escape Box?

This is a very exciting escape room experience in a box, developed by The Escape Games. Like all our escape rooms, The Escape Box will surprise you with cool technological effects, customized parts and fun tasks. The box creates an interactive and engaging experience. The background story is that a hacker has taken controll over your data, and the only way to stop him is to solve his puzzles. Players solve varied tasks to get the code that stops his powerful IT machine in the middle of the room.

Who is it for?

The Escape Box is a great choice for kick-off, conference, courses, team building and parties! The game can be delivered in Oslo or other parts of the country.

What is in the box?

The box is the size of a big suitcase, and consists of several parts that open during the game. The box contains:

  • Over 15 fun and varied tasks with a clear story
  • Cool technological effects and intricate mechanisms
  • Over 50 customized game parts

We can customize the tasks at extra cost. In cooperation with our partners, we can also offer catering, photo and video shoot. Ask us about we can offer :)

What is included?

01Fantastic experience in a box

02Everything needed for the game

03One or more game masters who come to your premises

04Delivery to and from your location in the Oslo area

What is the program?

01Gamemaster(s) arrives at your premises approx. 45 min before the start of the game to set up the equipment.

02You are divided into teams of 4-7 people, and each team gets a play box.

03You get an introduction to the game. The introduction takes 10-15 min.

04Teams get one hour to complete the assignment. Along the way, gamemaster(s) support the teams with guidance and hints.

05The winning team stops the powerful IT machine that is located in the middle of the room.

06Gamemaster(s) hand out the prize to the winning team, and answer questions that might arise.

07Gamemaster(s) need 30-45 minutes after the game end to pack the equipment.

We can customize the program to your needs.

What is needed from you?
  • About. 90 min for the game - 15 min introduction, 60 min play time and 15 min for announcement of results
  • Defined teams with team names
  • A large room, preferably with projector, audio system and microphone
  • Table with chairs for each team (can be one large room or several small ones)
  • One smart phone with Internet for each team
  • Prize for the winning team if you would like to have it (you can also buy gift card for our escape room for 1980 kr)
  • Good mood :)
Groups of 131 - 300 260 kr per person
Groups of 71 - 130 270 kr per person
Groups of 30 - 70 290 kr per person
Groups of 10 - 29 8250 kr in total.