Why us

Why us

We offer unique escape rooms in Oslo! We have collected the best game elements from Tokyo to New York to give you an unforgettable experience. We have big rooms with captivating stories, elaborate decorations and many interactive sensors. The rooms are filled with challenges, secrets and surprises.

Multi-dimensional space

We have big areas with many surprises waiting for you everywhere. Our rooms are over 50 sq. m.

Captivating stories

In our games, you live through an engaging story, and feel yourself as a character in an exciting movie.

Elaborate decorations

We have realistic decorations that make you feel you are in a different world. What about exploring a submarine or travelling back in time?

Fine reception area

We have fine, large and comfortable reception area. Here you can mingle before and after game.

Interactive technology

Our rooms are filled with sensors that allow you to interact with the surroundings. There are many things happening during the game!

Central location

We are located right in the center of the city, walking distance from train, subway and bus stations. Fine dining places and pubs are just around the corner.