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TV2 plays “NASA Space Shuttle”

TV2, along with sports star Joachim, come to visit The Escape Games to try out earlier game "NASA Space Shuttle". They are given 60 minutes to solve the tasks that will get them out of the room. There are many challenges awaiting them along the way. See how it went in the video from TV2. If you like the game “NASA Space Shuttle” from the video, try our new Sci-Fi game “AI: Robot Eva”


We in “Home for Christmas”

In the Netflix series "Home for Christmas", Johanne goes on a date with an escape room enthusiast to The Escape Games. They tried our big hit - the mafia game "10 Million of New York Gangsters". It did not go so well with the date itself, but this fun game is clearly recommended☺ It is now be re-launched with a whole new story - "The Godfather».

NRK’s Satiriks visits The Escape Games

NRK’s Satiriks visits The Escape Games

Yousef finally takes the guys to the activity they like - The Escape Games. But will he eventually disappoint them? Find out in this video.


Interview with Lin Education

In this interview, Liza Ilchyshyn, the manager of The Escape Games, talks about how escape rooms can be used in teaching. She explains the concept, and talks about why it has become so popular in recent years. She also tells how to solve puzzles in escape rooms while learning something new and exciting. The video shows parts of our previous game "NASA Space Shuttle". If you liked the game shown, we recommend our new Sci-Fi game "AI: Robot Eva"

Isabelle Eriksen visits The Escape Games

Isabelle Eriksen plays "Chernobyl"

Isabelle Eriksen and Erik Særter tried our game "Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster". They encountered many challenges and surprises in the room. See how it went in the video. "Chernobyl" is a very authentic, exciting and fun game. It's a big hit among our customers, and Isabelle enjoyed it as well.


We in “10 tips for the weekend”

From the article: “Have you heard of The Escape Games? The games have a lot in common with computer games, but they happen for real. A team gets locked in a room and need to get out in one hour. In order to succeed, they need to find hidden clues, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries.”

Singletown visiting us

«Singletown» visiting us

A couple from Norwegian reality show «Singletown» went on a date in our escape room in Oslo. They tried «Wild West Express» and had an exciting journey through the cowboy times. You can see the whole show on Discovery+.