• Digital
  • En/No
  • For all ages
  • Thriller
  • 2-1000+ pers
  • Medium+
  • 1,5-2 t

Try our famous digital game «Eco Mission GEM»! Developed in Norway, with the environment issues as a theme. Incredibly fun game with cool effects and advanced technologies. The winner of the innovation award and rated 5* by customers. Perfect choice for companies, schools, families and friends.


from Innovation Norway


first game developed in Norway


rated by customers

ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 1
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 2
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 3
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 4
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 5
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 6
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 7
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 8
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 9
ECO MISSION G.E.M. - photo 10



  • Fun team game with a special agent theme
  • Cool videos, technologies and effects
  • Educational, with focus on environmental issues
  • Engaging and varied tasks
  • Everyone on the team plays simultaneously in an interactive portal
  • Built-in hints and guidance
  • Real-time leader board
  • From 2 to 1000+ participants



perfect for digital team building


engaging learning about environment

Families and friends

fun evening activity for all ages


Pay online and receive the access code by email. Thousands of participants can play at the same time - just buy a separate code for each team with up to 5 participants.

All team members log in with a code. You play in the same portal at the same time and can see what other team members are doing. You need a PC / Mac with good internet access and charger.

In this game you become special agents and need to solve a mission together. It will be fun and varied tasks in good James Bond style. The goal is to avert an environmental disaster.

There are built-in hints and instructions in the game. You can also order a guide for an additional fee. The guide sets up a digital meeting and runs the game all the way until result announcement.

If you are several teams, everyone competes against each other on points. You get access to the leader board both during and after the game.

The game can be played when it suits you - the clock starts after everyone has logged in. You decide the playing time yourself, and it is recommended to set aside 1.5-2 hours.


$50 / 500 kr PER TEAM INCL. VAT


Guide for company events

  • $50 / 500 kr extra per team incl. VAT
  • Minimum payment - $500 / 5.000 kr

Frequently Asked Questions

Gather the participants in a digital meeting. You can for example set up a meeting in Teams or Zoom. If you wish, some people can sit together in front of a screen and log on through a shared PC.

Divide all participants into teams of 3-5 people. This can also be done in advance of the meeting. Distribute the access code to each team. All team members log on to the game with the same code, and play at the same time.

Agree on the playing time. We recommend setting aside 1.5-2 hours.

During the game, the teams should be sent to their own digital meetings, for example to so-called «breakout rooms».

When the time is up, you gather again and use the leader board from the game to identify the winning teams. Each team gets points based on how quickly they completed the mission, and how many hints they have used.

We can also offer a guide who arranges all practicalities and supports the teams along the way. It costs NOK 500 extra per team.

All participants need a PC / Mac with good internet access and charger. It is also recommended to use a headset. The game works across all browsers, but Chrome is recommended.

The game runs online - no downloads required.

In this game you become special agents and will solve an exciting mission together. The goal is to avert an environmental disaster.

You get fun and varied tasks in good James Bond style. The tasks are interactive, with cool effects, technological solutions and videos along the way.

No, the game requires no prior knowledge. It can be completed with basic PC knowledge.

The game has built-in hints and guidance. The hints adapt as the players progress in the game.

We can also offer a guide who supports the teams along the way. It costs NOK 500 extra per team.

Children aged 7 and above will enjoy the game with adults. Children aged 12-16 can complete the game alone, but may need some help from adults. Children over 16 should be able to play completely alone.

From 2 to 1,000+ people can participate in the activity. It is suitable both for families and companies.

The participants must be divided into teams. We recommend having 5 people per team. You need to buy one code per team. Each code costs 500 kr including VAT.

All team members can log into the same game from their own screen and play at the same time. There are no restrictions on the number of logins per game, but it gets chaotic when more than 6 people join the same team.